This was one of my first sessions when I started getting back into photography this past summer (2020). I had originally taken family photos for them the winter before, but the location wasn't ideal with patchy melting snow and bad lighting. I didn't want to make excuses and I didn't want that to be the only example of my work floating around, so I offered them a free redo session! I went to high school with Elise, and I've loved watching her family grow! Our first time around we shot at Mormon Station in Genoa, Nevada which is absolutely beautiful during the right time of year! For our second try we went to Mills park in Carson City, Nevada which has tons of really cool bridges, pathways, and lots of gorgeous green grass and trees to utilize.


I didn't even have to prompt these kids to cover their eyes, I told mom and dad to kiss and they both just did it instantly and started giggling. These kiddos are super sweet and even remembered me from our previous shoot, which always makes getting great photos easier!

Hopefully I will get to shoot this family as well as many other for years to come!